Turkey Knob apples have been sold throughout the United States and exported to more than 15 countries.  We work directly with retailers, wholesalers, distributors, institutional customers, school districts and independent exporters.  Our harvest season begins in early August and runs through mid-November.  Apples are generally available through the end of March or April.  Turkey Knob currently grows 20 varieties, of which, 14 are sold for fresh consumption.  The other varieties are used in the apple processing industry.   Our seasonality chart lists our respective apple varieties and their approximate dates of availability.

Turkey Knob supplies apples to the hard cider industry and is in the process of expanding production to serve this rapidly growing beverage segment.  We also pack apples for outside growers, and our sales team is able to source apples from other suppliers to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Turkey Knob offers a variety of packaging formats for its apples including tray packs, bags, totes, display ready cartons, RPCs (Reusable Plastic Containers) and tri-wall bins. 

Turkey Knob’s apples are graded and sized according to USDA standards.  We maintain on-site inspectors to grade and certify the apples prior to shipment.  Our grades include U.S. Extra Fancy, Fancy and U.S. #1.  The following chart gives an explanation of the size range for apples in general.  Some varieties, such as the Pink Lady tend to run smaller, while others such as the Jonagold or Cameo tend the larger end of the spectrum.

Turkey Knob’s sales staff can assist with logistics for both domestic and overseas shipments.  All shipments are staged and inspected prior to loading.  Trucking appointments need to be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance of pickup with Turkey Knob’s loading dock.

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