We are glad to host tours for commercial buyers, wholesalers, and exporters interested in our product for the U.S. market or overseas. We do need appointments to be made for such tours and regret that we are unable to host school tours.

Answer: We generally begin harvesting our late summer/early fall varieties the second or third week of August. The first variety is the Ginger Gold, followed by Galas.

Answer: Typically, we finish harvesting our apples by mid-November. Fuji, Albemarle Pippins, and Pink Ladies are the last varieties to be harvested. We usually have apples available for sale until early March.

Answer: We currently grow 20 varieties of apples, of which, 14 are sole for fresh consumption. Please see the variety sheet, which describes the origin, characteristics, and general availability of each type of apple.

Answer: We sell U.S. Extra Fancy, U.S. Fancy, and U.S. #1, as well as combination grades.

Answer: The size, weight and overall dimensions of an apple varies by variety and seasonal growing conditions. The following chart presents the range of sizes. The bulk of our sizes, on average, run from 72 through 138. Some varieties like the Pink Lady run smaller, while some like the Cameo run larger.

Size (Piece count per 40lb box)

Approximate Weight

Average Diameter


14.0 oz.

3.64” / 92.5 mm


12.0 oz.

3.52” / 89.4 mm


10.5 oz.

3.40” / 86.4 mm


9.3 oz.

3.29” / 83.6 mm


8.4 oz.

3.19” / 81.0 mm


7.6 oz.

3.05” / 77.5 mm


6.7 oz.

2.93” / 74.4 mm


5.9 oz.

2.84” / 72.1 mm


5.4 oz.

2.75” / 69.9 mm


4.8 oz.

2.68” / 68.0 mm


4.5 oz.

2.62” / 66.6 mm


4.1 oz.

2.54” / 64.5 mm


3.8 oz.

2.46” / 62.5 mm


3.4 oz.

2.39” / 60.7 mm


3.1 oz.

2.31” / 58.7 mm

Answer: For our club and gift orders, we ship in 10-pound and 20-pound boxes using tray packs. For large commercial orders we ship in Euro (half cartons), Standard Tray Packs (40 to 42 pounds net - 18kg) and Heavy-pack Tray Packs (44 to 45 pounds net - 20kg).

Answer: In order to maintain freshness and crispness, apples should be kept at 32 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. We ship our apples to commercial buyers in refrigerated containers.

Answer: We use both carnauba wax and shellac. Carnauba wax is used the majority of the time. It is used throughout the food industry and is a natural product. It also helps to prolong the life of the apple and protect it during shipping.

Answer: We do not currently grow organic apples. All of our orchards employ integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. The orchards and the fruit packing facility undergo audits by third parties on an annual basis. Turkey Knob places a premium on ensuring food safety and quality assurance with it's apples.

Answer: Turkey Knob operates a fruit stand adjacent to its packinghouse for individual consumers. We also offer an apple of the month club that provides a fresh box of apples shipped to your door. Finally, we are glad to host tours for commercial buyers, wholesalers, and exporters interested in our product for the U.S. market or overseas.