We are excited to start the 2016 season with a redesigned website and an updated logo.  Throughout the spring and summer, we have been hard at work redesigning our new website with our partners at Immerge Technology.  The updated Turkey Knob logo has been given a fresh, streamlined look.     

The overhaul to the website will give our customers more information about Turkey Knob, the fruit grown our orchards and a bird’s eye view into our packing operations.  In addition, we have refined the online order process and created a special portal for our wholesale and retail partners.  The new website includes a blog, which staff will update with season developments and reports as the different varieties of apples become available throughout the harvest season.  We will also use our Instagram feed to post new photos and brief videos of Turkey Knob’s fruit and orchard activity.

The season is on schedule to kick of the second week of August.  Please visit our site often to order apples for yourself, your friends, coworkers and/or clients.  We look forward to providing you with great tasting apples from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

As a thank you to our customers, we are offering a 20% discount on the Apple of the Month Club to the first thirty customers.  Use the code APLCLB when placing your order.

In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where our apples are grown and packed with great care, we are blessed with beautiful landscapes and lime rich soils.  These soils play a very important role in the fabulous taste our fruit has and we hope to share this experience with you soon.  

We are, of course, always at the mercy of Mother Nature.  This year, a late frost while our cherries, peaches and apples were in full bloom, caused extensive fruit damage.  The cherries and the peaches were almost entirely wiped out, but our apple crop, though a little down from last year, is still looking good.

We will be able to post photographs and videos to tell you what is going on in our orchards and in the packing house, on a regular basis.  Please visit us often and don’t forget to order some apples to share with your loved ones!