Aiming for the perfect crunch and sweet flavor, the EverCrisp® apple has been in development for the past 20 years, and they are finally being grown and sold by a few select orchards in the country. The Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) is the organization that kicked off the development of these spectacular apples, and they keep the distribution of EverCrisp® trees under strict quality control.

Starting from Scratch – The History of EverCrisp®

Mitch Lynd of Lynd Fruit Farms in Pataksala, Ohio started the MAIA in 1999 with a vision to develop apple varieties that were flavorful, crunchy and crisp despite the region’s often harsh winter and spring weather patterns. Mitch conducted countless experiments with cross-pollinating apple varieties; the EverCrisp® variety arose from the combination of Fuji apple blossom pollen and Honeycrisp flowers.

The next year after the successful crossing of Honeycrisp and Fuji apple trees, Mitch began distributing seedlings to other growers in order to start the long journey required to produce a new fruit that could be evaluated.

A new variety of apple wouldn’t come from these test trees until 2008 when David Doud, at the Countyline Orchard in Roann, IN, tried one of the test tree apples and was astonished by its sweet flavor and incredible crunch. The new apple was labeled MAIA-1 or EverCrisp® and seedling trees were only distributed to MAIA member orchards to grow and sell. And you guessed it; Turkey Knob Growers is a member, so we had the privilege to get seedlings 3 years ago, so starting in 2018 we finally get to offer you these incredible apples. The strict distribution lets the MAIA maintain a higher level of quality control over the apples that are marketed as EverCrisp®.

Many apples are timeless in their flavor and value, like the Stayman or York apples, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun experimenting and developing new and exciting apple varieties like the EverCrisp®. Who knows what great variety will be next.

Not Just Any Apple

These apples are ideal for anyone who loves to bite into a perfect fresh apple. As we have already mentioned, the EverCrisp® apple has a deliciously sweet flavor and an extraordinarily full crunch when you bite into it, but there are other attributes that make this apple an excellent choice for any apple lover.

The extra crisp flesh of the apple gives it a longer shelf life. So you can keep these apples stored longer and they won’t lose their flavor or crisp texture. If your family has a hard time eating fruit before it loses its luster, then the EverCrisp® would be a helpful selection. You can rest assured that when you bite into an EverCrisp®, you will get the iconic crunch and burst of flavor.

Turkey Knob – An Orchard Committed to the Best Apples

Turkey Knob wanted to get these apples to sell because we have a vision and a promise to provide the best-tasting apples in the country and these fit right in at our orchard. Starting in 2018 you can expect to see the apples available online and at our orchard from November to January, one of the bigger windows for a single variety.

We wanted to give these special apples the best treatment we could, so we opted to trellis the trees. The art of trellising apple trees involves planting trees closer together and training their branches to grow in a planned way, which requires support systems and expert pruning. There are several reasons behind tree trellises: 1) it gives trees with smaller root systems a chance to grow and blossom better 2) it makes the trees easier to care for from picking to pruning to apple care management 3) finally, tree trellises provide every apple with equal amounts of sunlight which attribute to flavor and even more to the outside color vibrancy.

If you are an apple connoisseur or a casual apple lover who wants to try something new, we think that the EverCrisp® will be well worth your time. You can get gift boxes in our online store or come to our orchard and pick up a pouch from the source. We look forward to hearing all of the feedback on these extraordinary 21st-century apples.