We are very excited to announce the harvest of our cherries for the 2017 season.  After the freeze during last year’s cherry bloom, we were not able to sell cherries to our customers, as the late spring cold spell proved too much for this vulnerable fruit.  However this year the weather has been kind, and our cherries are ready for picking.  We are quite grateful for this next opportunity to supply our cherries to our valued customers and are eager to have them available to the public, especially through our website and local retailers, such as Harris Teeter.

We began picking our red cherries at the start of this week.  Our White Gold cherries were first picked yesterday afternoon.  Customers can now pre-order cherries through our newly designed website.  Visit our store https://store.turkeyknobgrowers.com/cherries-p157.aspx and the cherry ordering can be completed easily and efficiently. 

Pick-up of the ordered cherries will be available at our Turkey Knob offices between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Click on this link for our address https://www.turkeyknobgrowers.com/about.  We will have them available in our new two-pound pouches and in quart-sized containers for larger orders, upon request.

Here at Turkey Knob, we pride ourselves growing delicious fruit from the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.   As we are constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature, our growers and pickers do their absolute best to offer our customers the most delicious and freshest of fruit. 

Not only are our cherries delicious, but they are also a wonderful source of vitamins C and A ,as well as calcium, iron, and protein.  They make the perfect ingredient for your favorite summer cobblers and pies.  You can even incorporate them as a part of a sweet barbeque sauce! Try a sweet summer cool down with a yummy cherry sorbet or ice cream recipe.  They also make a nice accompaniment to dinner entrées, such as cherry chicken. The possibilities are endless with cherries from Turkey Knob Growers!