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Cherries Are Back!

The 2017 summer fruit season has kicked off. Both red and White Gold varieties are available through our website for pickup and at local retailers. Check out our new resealable pouch!

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The Gobbler

This edition discusses the 2016 season and highlights new 2017 spring activities, including news about the upcoming cherry, nectarine and peach harvests as summer approaches.

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Core Facts

Inaugural Post - In this first edition we look at apple consumption and research on cardiovascular health benefits.

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red apples
Welcome To Turkey Knob’s New Website

Throughout the spring and summer, we have been hard at work redesigning our new website with our partners at Immerge Technology. 

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orchard ladder leaning on an apple tree
The 2016 Season is Underway

As Labor Day in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia rapidly approaches, the harvest season has kicked off with a bang.

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